Walking In Humility

I love what @greenvalleycc is doing on Wednesday nights. Teaching the high-altitude perspective on every book of the Bible as a way to grasp God’s Story of Scripture is fantastic. I’ve loved being with you guys for some of these Wednesday nights.

Tonight we’re doing an overview of the book of 1 Chronicles. Yeah, it’s the section in your Bible where the pages stick together.

At first glance, this book may seem irrelevant to a follower of Jesus. Given a closer look, we realize the people of 1 Chronicles are asking the same kinds of questions that many still ask.

‘Is God still interested in us?’
‘Given our circumstance, is God still at work?’

God wasn’t finished with their story, and he’s not finished with ours!

Chapter 21 tells a crazy story of King David’s sin of counting his troops. Check it out.

Understanding the context, we see that God wants his people to know our strength comes from Him, not how many of anything we may have.

Walking in humility is a spiritual discipline.


In a season of blessing, we acknowledge God is our source.
In a season of distress, we look to God as our solution.