Slow to post. Quick to listen.

Scripture paints a good picture of some healthy behaviors when it says in James 1:19, ‘Understand this, my dear brothers and sisters: You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry.’ (NLT)

Technology, including texting and social media, give us the perception that we have immediate access and constant connection to and with others – a great thing when we want to ask a quick question, send a short thank you, or post an update on a situation. It might not be so good when our boss thinks they can text us at 10 PM, or we become addicted to believing our every moment must be shared with the rest of the world.

I’m grateful that God welcomes, even encourages constant communication with him. ‘Pray continually…’ and ‘…come boldly…’ are just some of the solicitations from our Heavenly Father. The last time I checked, God is the omnipresent one, not me, not my friends, not our employees.

Might the biblical counsel of ‘…be quick to listen, slow to speak…’ apply to our use and consumption of technology and media?

When it comes to listening, how much of the chatter matters? What if, instead of liking six hundred posts, we isolate on the one that catches our attention and we engage with that person at a deeper level? After all, the design of social media is to be social. Posting a thoughtful comment that communicates we value what they’re saying goes a long way. DM them. Message them. Engage.

When it comes to posting, should we ask, ‘Does this matter, or is it just chatter?’ Could our excessive posting be a symptom of how much we crave attention, hunger for acceptance, desire to be known, and to belong? Often the loudest in the room is the most socially anxious and insecure. Yet, there’s something about quiet strength; the one in the room who listens well, engages deeply, and shares appropriately. The good news is that these real human needs of acceptance and belonging are satisfied through our relationship with Christ and a small circle of friends.

With posting, consider giving this a try. ‘Don’t.’

Have a thoughtful time of introspection without posting your thoughts. Yes, I’m the hypocrite on this one with this post.

Enjoy a meaningful time with someone you love and appreciate, and keep it to yourselves. Practice the art of ‘just between us.’

Go somewhere beautiful, even breathtaking, and don’t post a single picture of the experience. The personal moments with God and his creation are sometimes best savored when they’re just that, personal, not public.

Achieve a milestone in your life and relish privately in the accomplishment. Just take it in and keep it in.

I’m in a season of smoking what I’m selling regarding these thoughts. It’s been oh so good.

Slow to post. Quick to listen.

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