5 Core Questions (Part Three)

EPISODE 1015 CORE QUESTIONS OF THE HUMAN SOUL (Part Three) In this, the final episode of this short series titled, 'Five Core Questions Of The Human Soul,' my guest Leonard Lee reveals [...]

5 Core Questions (Part Two)

EPISODE 100 5 CORE QUESTIONS OF THE HUMAN SOUL (Part Two) This episode is the second of three with my guest, Leonard Lee as we discuss what he calls the [...]

5 Core Questions (Part One)

EPISODE 99 5 CORE QUESTIONS OF THE HUMAN SOUL (Part One) Is there someone in your life that seems to have a knack for dropping wisdom right when you need [...]

The Gift Of Life

EPISODE 81 THE GIFT OF LIFE Now and then I like to share with you what I've found resonates with others. In this episode, I sat down and recorded a [...]

Walking In Godly Wisdom

EPISODE 78 WALKING IN GODLY WISDOM It's been said that knowledge is power. If that's true, using that power rightly; at the right time, in the right way, and for [...]

Wired For Giving Worth

EPISODE 77 WIRED FOR GIVING WORTH Is worship more than a song? Does what we do and how we do it express who or what we worship? In today's episode, [...]

Believe What?

EPISODE 74 BELIEVE WHAT? The book of John in the New Testament contains the word 'believe,' ninety-eight times.Why such a heavy focus on believe? Believe what?This short, casual episode aims to [...]

Romans 8 – Part Six

EPISODE 70ROMANS 8 - PART SIX What can separate you from God’s love?  Nothing.  Really!  In episode six, the final discussion of my series with Steve McNitt on his book ’Simple. Enormous. Love.' we unpack [...]

Romans 8 – Part Five

EPISODE 68 ROMANS 8 - PART FIVE Does God promise a pain-free life? Is it possible to be both full of pain and full of hope? In episode five of [...]

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