Let’s Laugh A Little (Maybe)

EPISODE 138 LET'S LAUGH A LITTLE (MAYBE) Amid our concerns during this time, Steve and I pivot on this episode of the Humans With Faith podcast. With so much heavy [...]

Peace In The Pandemic

EPISODE 137PEACE IN THE PANDEMIC In this episode, Steve and I discuss some ways to walk in peace amid the concerns we all have regarding the coronavirus. We also offer some ways [...]


EPISODE 136 ANXIETY 'If you just breathe and pray, it will go away.' True or false? Good advice or bad? Pray first is good counsel, but when it comes to [...]

Is An Invisible God Audible?

EPISODE 133 IS AN INVISIBLE GOD AUDIBLE? One doesn't have to look far to see God at work in the world. However, seeing God is entirely different.  In this episode, [...]

Season Five Kickoff Episode

EPISODE 130 SEASON FIVE KICKOFF EPISODE We're kicking off season five of the Humans With Faith podcast. In this episode, my co-host, Steve McNitt, and I discuss what this season [...]

Embracing All Of Life

EPISODE 129EMBRACING ALL OF LIFE Welcome to this wide-ranging conversation with my co-host, Steve McNitt, and our guest, Emma Lenz.Emma, Steve, and I discuss topics like weird church experiences, the messiness of [...]

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