The Process of Writing (Part Two)

EPISODE 110The Process of Writing (Part Two) This is the second of two episodes with my guest, Steve McNitt as we discuss the process of writing.It's no surprise that a majority of [...]

The Process of Writing (Part One)

EPISODE 109The Process of Writing (Part One) Have you ever had the thought, ‘I wanna write a book someday?’ If you have, you’re probably in the majority. The next two episodes on [...]

Struggle, Strength, Triumph (Part Two)

EPISODE 108 Struggle, Strength, Triumph (Part Two) In this episode, Amy and Jeremy Malekos continue sharing their story of struggle, strength, and triumph as their daughter faced an uncertain future [...]

Struggle, Strength, Triumph

EPISODE 107Struggle, Strength, Triumph In our desire to see God at work, we sometimes look for the incredible, the amazing, crazy God stories that leave us saying 'Wow.'I love the crazy God [...]

Theater, School, And Things

EPISODE 106 THEATER, SCHOOL, AND THINGS... A 13-year-old boy who’s head over heels for steamed carrots. A 16-year-old girl who loves singing and dancing and the constructive feedback that comes [...]

5 Core Questions (Part Three)

EPISODE 1015 CORE QUESTIONS OF THE HUMAN SOUL (Part Three) In this, the final episode of this short series titled, 'Five Core Questions Of The Human Soul,' my guest Leonard Lee reveals [...]

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