The Gift Of Life

EPISODE 81 THE GIFT OF LIFE Now and then I like to share with you what I've found resonates with others. In this episode, I sat down and recorded a [...]

Peace On Earth

EPISODE 80 PEACE ON EARTH The story of Christmas includes the declaration of peace on earth. What might that really mean? After all, we don’t have to look very long [...]

God With Us

EPISODE 79 GOD WITH US How soon is too soon for Christmas music? What's the most popular Christmas carol of all time? What does it mean when the Bible says, [...]

Walking In Godly Wisdom

EPISODE 78 WALKING IN GODLY WISDOM It's been said that knowledge is power. If that's true, using that power rightly; at the right time, in the right way, and for [...]

Wired For Giving Worth

EPISODE 77 WIRED FOR GIVING WORTH Is worship more than a song? Does what we do and how we do it express who or what we worship? In today's episode, [...]

Church For The Next Generation

EPISODE 73 CHURCH FOR THE NEXT GENERATION It seems that every generation desires to be distinct from its previous generation. Wondering if things have drifted from their original intent, many of [...]

What’s Your Passion?

EPISODE 72 WHAT'S YOUR PASSION? Call it passion, obsession, hustle, or dedication, living on purpose for a purpose is appealing but not always easy. There’s no straight line to getting [...]

The Seven Promises Of Marriage

EPISODE 71 THE SEVEN PROMISES OF MARRIAGE Remember those marriage vows? Probably not. That’s ok. They’re not very realistic anyway. What is real is some of the promises in Scripture [...]

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