Beware the safety net.

Conventional wisdom says, ‘Make sure you have something to fall back on.’ It’s a well-meaning sentiment.

Ignore it.

The drawback to having something to fall back on is that you probably will. That soft safety net is the path of least resistance. When our priorities become stability, security, and comfort, apathy and atrophy are just around the corner.

Having something to fall back on can eventually turn into the very thing that drives us crazy – regret.

If we fall back on ‘whatever,’ might we for the rest of our life be left wondering, ‘Did I go all in and do everything I could? Or, did I fall back too soon?’

Before finding something to fall back on, maybe the better advice is to keep going until our back is against the wall. When our back is against the wall, there’s nothing to fall back on. The only option is to move forward.

If moving forward ultimately leads to failure, so be it. Fail big. Fail thoroughly. It’ll be a great learning experience.

Failing big by giving it everything you have, exhausting every option, leaves no room for regret because you gave your all.

Staying in it until the very end is painful. The sting is temporary while the regret of bowing out too soon can last a lifetime.

The amazing thing is that I’ve never met someone who lamented very long for going all in.

Those I’ve talked to about this all say, ‘It made me who I am today.’

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